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Q. Do you take non-regular / occasional bookings for holidays, weekends away etc?

A. Due to my licensing requirements, I need to know which dogs will be here on any particular day as there is a maximum limit to visiting dogs at any one time, when combined with the popularity of my services it means that most days I am fully booked up to my allocation and cannot take any more dogs even if I wanted to. Therefore I offer most of my services only to customers who send their dogs on a regular, weekly basis.

Q. Do you need a dog boarding license and do you have one?

A. Yes and yes! Since 2018, it has been a legal requirement that any commercial day or night boarding of dogs, be that in a home or otherwise is licensed by the local council. In fact, I have been fully licensed by M.V.D.C years before it was written into law. This is just one of the many reasons I have a 5* rating on my boarding license.

Q. Can I drop off and / or pick up my dog each day?

A. I run a home from home business, this means I am not like a dog kennel or day care centre and for much of the time my visiting dogs have free run of the downstairs and garden area. This means that if people were to regularly come to the door with new arrivals or for pickups, the other dogs would be in an almost perpetual state of hyper-activity and barking. This would both upset my neighbours and also leave all the dogs feeling on edge. For this reason, I cannot accommodate you collecting and dropping off your dog to and from my house and always prefer you to use my free pick up and drop off service for your dog in my dedicated Woof Bus.

Q. Can my dog come on set days of the week, every week for as long as I need?

A. Absolutely, this is actually what the majority of my customers do. All you have to do is notify me of which days you wish your dog to be with me and if I have availability on those days, I will reserve a space for your dog indefinitely. As long as you continue to send your dog on these allocated days, I will not give your dogs space to another customer. Of course I do also understand that there might be an occasional day your dog cannot be with me when they are booked in to be, and that's fine. Just try to let me know in advance so I can prepare for the day without your friend being with me.

Q. Do you have a lot of dogs there each day?

A. Relatively no, I offer a genuine home from home boarding service and I am neither allowed to exceed my licensing limit nor would I want to. This is why numbers are limited. I believe dogs should have the attention they deserve and feel there is always enough space in my home to find a quiet corner, out of the way to relax if they choose too.

Q. Do you provide my dogs food, or should I send some with him/her?

A. Many dogs have quite sensitive stomachs which do not adapt quickly to food they are not used to getting each day. Therefore, as advised by vets, I ask that you supply your dogs usual food if they require feeding whilst in my care. If for some reason you cannot supply enough food, I will ensure your dog is fed but may make an additional charge for providing that food.

Q. Does my dog need to wear an ID tag?

A. Yes by law a dog must wear a tag bearing its owner’s name and address whenever it is in a public place. However, I also have my own collars and tags which I use with my address and telephone number on for extra safety.

Q. What hours do you operate?

A. Although I aim to be as flexible as possible, my Doggy Day Care operates from 8am to 6pm to avoid too much disruption to dogs that may be boarding with me. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. I am based in North Holmwood, Dorking.
To avoid the dogs and myself spending too much time in the car, I strictly cover a very small and specific area. That being; Dorking, North, Mid and South Holmwood, Beare Green, Capel and Ockley ONLY.

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