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Dog Photography


As an owner of dogs myself, along with the work I have carried out with dogs on a daily basis for many years now - I have spent a lot of time either photographing them, or thinking of new ways to photograph them. Over the years, I have handled and photographed most dog personality types, ranging from the golden oldies to the shy nervous types, playful puppies and the bouncy energetic pooches. All this experience gives me a lot of knowledge about how to get the very best from the dogs.​

If you need some convincing, then it may help to know that absolutely no photos on this website are from third party sources, instead they are ALL the culmination of many years practising and refining both my methods and my equipment.

The woods, fields and valleys of the beautiful Surrey Hills area of outstanding natural beauty are my studio and I'm sure you will agree it's a worthy backdrop to any outdoors loving dog.

I can use all this experience to give you, your family and pet something special in the form of a dedicated photography session separately or as part of my services.

How it works:

  • I take many photographs in different poses and situations during a photo shoot, then select and enhance the best ten or more unique images to present to you.

  • The photographs will be placed into your personal, private online gallery.

  • You then choose which picture/s you would like to get professionally printed or downloaded.

  • All session packages include one 6x8 inch print of your choice, full-resolution digital download or alternatives to the same value.

  • You can order additional prints or downloads online from your personal online gallery at any time.

  • Pictures will be edited and enhanced to present your dog at his/her finest. 

  • Draw on my knowledge of the very best and most scenic places within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  • Up to two dogs per shoot, please enquire if you wish to include more dogs.


 The Packages 


'A Grand Day Out' Package

The most popular option for boarding

  • Can be included with any home boarding service of one day or more.

  • Whilst your dog is staying with us, we will take them out on a dedicated photography shoot at one or more beautiful locations around the Surrey Hills.

  • Provides ten or more beautifully dedicated photographs of your dog enjoying their day/s out.

  • Pawtraits will be taken in at least two different locations or environments.


Weekdays & Weekends


'Hills Explorer' Package

Benefit from our local knowledge

  • Come and meet us for a 45 minute photo shoot of your dog at a beautiful Surrey Hills location recommended by us.

  • Includes a consultation to decide the best recommended location and ideal day for the shoot to take place.

  • Ten or more beautiful photographs of your dog/s walking in the Surrey Hills area.

  • Can include you and other family members.

  • Free cancellation on bad weather days.


Weekends Only


'Pawsome Pals' Package

Your photo shoot, however you want it

  • We come to your home or meet anywhere in the Surrey Hills area for a 1 hour photo shoot with your dog/s.

  • Includes a consultation to find out exactly what kind of pictures you would like and how to get them.

  • At least ten beautiful photographs of your dog/s taken in your favourite location.

  • Can include you and other family members.

  • Free cancellation on bad weather days.

  • Enquire for additional dogs, time or photographs


Weekends Only

Rest Assured

I’m sure you’ll agree that the most important thing during any photo shoot is the safety and happiness of your beloved pup. This means I will never put any dog in a situation that could be unpleasant or harmful to them. I want to create happy and special memories where their real personalities can shine through, and that you can hold onto and treasure forever.

Part of being a successful dog photographer is having the ability to remain patient, friendly and fun, and anticipating what dogs are going to do. I have photographed many dogs, all of which have had different personalities and demeanour's. It's just a case of finding their motivation, being patient, having a sense of humour and letting them be themselves. I work on a dog by dog basis, so we will have a chat beforehand to figure out how to get the best from your pawsome pal!

IMG_0297f (2) sm.png
The Boring Details

  • Standard prices are for up to two dogs. Please enquire for additional dogs, time or photographs.

  • Unless otherwise stated, non-watermarked, digital copies are charged at £8 per photo or £40 per 10 images in the shoot.
  • Travel time to your location if over 30 minutes is chargeable at £20 per hour pro rata.

  • Photographs are usually taken at a 3:2 standard DSLR aspect ratio, cropping may be required for some frame sizes.

  • You will be paying for our time during the shoot and editing the pictures, however as per conventional practises, Holmwood Bound retains the copyright of all photographs..

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