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OUR Doggy Day Care...


The Detail

Having built a reputation over the years for providing excellent care, along with obtaining the maximum level of 5 stars officially awarded by our local council, we provide  dogs the opportunity to spend the day with me in a true home from home setting ensuring they are fully stimulated, exercised and loved.

I work hard to build a relationship with every dog that visits. My day care pack are a very social group which allows me to ensure that all dogs that join are well behaved, even-tempered and content to be part of that pack. 

To Start...


The comfort, happiness and well being of my doggy guests is of utmost importance to me.

For this reason all dogs that wish to attend my day care go through a stringent entrance procedure to ensure my day care is right for them.

This involves:

  • An initial meet and greet chat and temperament test at my home.

  • A slow introduction process to the rest of the group.

  • A lengthy trial period with regular feedback on how your dog is settling in.

The entrance procedure not only ensures friendly, sociable dogs are accepted into my day care, but also ensures that your dog is happy being in a multi dog environment. 

Please Note: In order to minimise conflict with other dogs, I DO NOT take entire adult males into my day care or females that are pregnant, or in season.

At Day Care...

Day care is run from my home, providing a warm, plush, loving yet still a fun, stimulating environment . Numbers for my daycare are limited to ensure each dog gets the one-to-one attention they deserve.

Pick up is typically between 08.00 and 09.00 and drop off between 17.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday. I also offer regular customers daycare at weekends but will need advanced notice for these days. 
Please note; I cannot accommodate pick up and drop off of your dog, by you, to my home.

Daycare includes:
  • A day of companionship and fun

  • One long enrichment walk in a private and secure 10 acre field, deep in the countryside

  • A safe and secure premises with external boundary video surveillance  

  • A plush, warm, home environment to meet and socialise with new doggy friends

  • Fun enrichment activities, scent work games and basic training throughout the day

  • Paddling pools, sprinkler mats, sand and ball pits, brain games and puzzles galore!

  • Time to rest and have a nap with friends

  • Unlimited love and cuddles (and of course the occasional tasty treat!)

  • Frequent social media updates

  • A personal online photo album containing professional photographs of your dog, with the option to purchase.


To use this service, I also require your dog to be fully house trained. 

I have an array of warm, cosy blankets and beds, along with baskets full of toys for all of the dogs in my care to have free access to. However, please feel free to provide a bed or toy of their own if you feel it will make them feel more content.

For all of my regular day care dogs, I offer the additional service option of home boarding. I find dogs that regularly attend my day care settle very well during boarding as they are comfortable with me and my home.



I help your dog build confidence in a safe, secure and controlled environment. When dogs spend time in my care, I ensure that your dog gets a chance to experience enjoyable interactions with other dogs. Using positive re-inforcement, I try to encourage good habitual reactions rather than insecure or fearful ones.


Keeping dogs mentally stimulated is just as important as the physical exercise they receive too. I provide activities such as brain games and puzzles, scent work sessions, handmade play equipment along with paddling pools, sprinkler mats, sand and ball pits which provide an outlet to encourage their natural behaviour. There really is something to entertain and stimulate each and every one of them! ​

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As a certified puppy and dog training specialist, I will undertake and continue the dogs basic training in behaviour, obedience and good manners, along with new tricks you might like them to learn as well - using only force free and kind methods. This helps them to develop good habits and learn important skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions if there is something you wish to know that's not covered here.

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